Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainability Policy

Our Commitment

At Apartamentos Alcoba 13, we welcome our guests and strive to exceed their expectations, while respecting the environment and investing in new technologies. We recognise our responsibility to the future and our vision is to grow gradually and sustainably.

We are strongly committed to protecting the environment, which is reflected in the following commitments:

  • Comply with all legal and other environmental requirements that apply to us.
  • Analyse our environmental impacts to develop action plans to reduce and minimise our environmental impact in all our activities.
  • Establish pollution prevention and control measures.
  • Set environmental targets that enable us to continually improve our environmental performance.
  • Act ethically and sustainably with the environment and focus our efforts on preserving the environment.
Fulfilling these commitments requires the involvement of everyone who makes up Apartamentos Alcoba 13, from our staff to our suppliers and guests. For this reason, we raise awareness of the importance of respecting and protecting the environment and encourage everyone to participate in making suggestions to improve our environmental performance.

Social environment

Health and wellbeing
We promote the overall well-being of our guests and employees through communication and advice on healthy lifestyle habits.

We have outdoor common areas for guests to enjoy.

We promote a healthy and safe working environment through continuous training in ORP (Occupational Risk Prevention).
We have a Psychological Harassment Protocol to prevent, detect and resolve situations of psychological, moral and/or other discrimination in the organisation.
We are committed to providing a safe service, minimising the risk of accidents and providing a safe environment for guests.
Gender equality
We promote positive discrimination, non-discrimination on the basis of gender and inclusion in all areas of the organisation through the implementation of an Equality Policy.
We have a Sexual Harassment Protocol to prevent, detect and resolve situations of sexual and/or gender-based harassment in the organisation.
We provide equality and harassment prevention training to ensure a healthy and safe working environment for employees.


Sustainable cities and communities
We have solar and photovoltaic panels to generate renewable energy at our facilities.

We have replaced individual gel and shampoo containers with dispensers in all apartments.

We have eliminated single-use plastics in all apartments and communal areas.
We encourage the reuse of towels and bed linen through signage in the rooms to reduce water consumption.

We have recycling points available to customers.

We have fresh water dispensers for customers and collaborators.

We have replaced plastic water bottles with reusable glass bottles.
Responsible production and consumption
We work with zero-kilometre suppliers and local artists to reduce emissions and promote regional culture.
We provide our staff with more sustainable uniforms made by a local supplier with an ESG policy.
We promote zero food waste among guests to minimise food waste through an à la carte buffet system at breakfast.

We strive to improve our business ethics through the definition and monitoring of consumption and waste indicators.

Climate action

We have a Handbook of Good Environmental Practice for employees, and we run awareness and training campaigns in the workplace.
We promote a zero paper policy to minimise paper consumption by digitalising processes.
We use a digitised reporting system to manage housekeeping and maintenance incidents.
We apply and promote the 3Rs to reduce waste: reduce, reuse and recycle.