Know my story

I am a beautiful manor house, built in 1899, with a long history. I have been a home to neighbours, and within my walls, I have sheltered several Sanlúcar bourgeois families who adorned me throughout the centuries, turning me into a showcase of the best traditional architecture of our city. In recent years, I have been restored, preserving my unique elements and pampering every detail, so that you, my guests, can delight in the beauty and tranquillity of each corner of this innovative project, where tradition, contemporaneity, comfort, and convenience coexist in harmony. A complete sensory experience.


In my Andalusian courtyard, the heart of the house, you can enjoy the unique light of our land throughout the day. Its calmness and serenity blend with the plants and flowers that beautify it. And the water, essential in our courtyards with wells, cisterns, and fountains, refreshes the evenings, making this corner of Sanlúcar unique.


In the spring of 2023, I have dressed up in style and am sparkling, with a very modern look. I will be delighted to welcome you, as I love having people at home.